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Applied Medical has taken many important measures to respond to COVID-19, from ensuring safety protocols for team members on- and off-campus to meeting the urgent needs of our healthcare partners. At the onset of the pandemic, we initiated our Rapid Response Teams to utilize our in-house manufacturing capabilities to meet the overwhelming demand for PPE and COVID-19 testing supplies. Our vertically integrated business model made it possible for our team members to quickly design, develop and implement solutions to support our healthcare partners on the front lines. Additionally, we continue to explore opportunities to make a positive difference during this unprecedented time.

To learn more about how we are working diligently to be a part of the solution, click here to read this letter from our president and chief executive officer.


Medical-Grade Face Shields

Applied Medical understood the need to utilize our resources to design and develop face shields, within days, for healthcare professionals on the front lines. The medical-grade face shields are now available direct to medical and non-medical professionals in need of protection during the pandemic. Each face shield is carefully crafted for comfort, quality and functionality. The face shields are made at our U.S. headquarters with materials sourced domestically.

Spec Sheet | Face Shield

Sterile Specimen Collection Swabs

With our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Southern California, Applied Medical was able to support the design and development of sterile specimen collection swabs for COVID-19 testing. The nasopharyngeal swabs help deliver clinical supplies to healthcare providers during this critical time.

Existing Technologies for Surgery During COVID-19

View this video to learn more about Applied Medical's technologies for COVID-19 and recommendations from surgical societies.

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Kii Advanced Fixation Access Systems
and Balloon Blunt-Tip Trocars

The Kii Advanced Fixation and Balloon Blunt-Tip trocars lessen the potential for gas and smoke leakage and help maintain visibility when operating at lower pressures.

Spec Sheet | Kii Access Systems

Epix Electrosurgical Probes

The Epix probes deliver monopolar electrosurgery while effectively removing smoke at the source. The gradual on-demand button allows for smoke evacuation while minimizing loss of insufflation, which is ideal when operating at lower pressures.

Additional resources for COVID-19

For more information about our COVID-19 offerings or to place a product order, please contact COVIDResponse@appliedmedical.com.